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Services Overview

Call Center
MSP provides its clients with a high tech and diverse call center which offers unique upselling solution and surveys etc.

Address/Credit Verification Services
Our field staff ensures accuracy of Data/Billing Address/Worthiness Provided by your Post Paid/Pre-Paid customers thus helping minimize Loss/Fraud.

HR Services
We are a large manpower outsourcing unit and currently provide services to numerous national and multinational organizations

Video Mystery Shopping
We provide Mystery shopping services to market research companies or watchdog organizations to measure quality of service or compliance to regulation, or to gather specific information about products and services.

Cell Site Acquisition
Another major division of MSP provides cell site acquisition services to Cellular Industry.

Data Entry / Database / Document Warehousing / Software Solutions
Our latest venture whereby services are being provided to major corporations for keeping track of physical documents & client information using in house software.

Main Services


HR Services


Cell Site Acquisition


Video Mystery Shopping


Data Entry


Software Solutions


Upselling Solutions